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If you’re a sales leader, executive, key account manager or customer serving professional in a B2B industry, you're in the right spot! I want to show you how you can activate the three core drivers that produce fanatical fans and highly profitable customers for life.

Hi, I'm Jermaine, a customer growth author, speaker, consultant, and business relationship specialist. I help key account leaders become the advisers their customers never want to leave.

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Feb 28, 2020

In this week's episode of the Key Customer Growth podcast, I talk about Growth Systems.

Growth Systems are the most important systems and practices needed to support growth drivers. If you don’t know what growth drivers are, make sure you listen to my last episode on Customer Mastery.

Growth Systems enable you to effectively assess how well you’re really doing in key areas. They stop you leaving money on the table and impact your long-term results within your business and with your customers.

When applied, growth systems can lead to an increase in revenue by four times!

Without them you won’t be able to properly leverage, grow and assess what is working for you internally and thus improve to have sustainable long-term results with customers.

To find out more about the six growth systems and how to activate them in your business for greater results, listen to the podcast and read my Growth Systems article.

Jermaine Edwards
Your Customer Growth Guide