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If you’re a sales leader, executive, key account manager or customer serving professional in a B2B industry, you're in the right spot! I want to show you how you can activate the three core drivers that produce fanatical fans and highly profitable customers for life.

Hi, I'm Jermaine, a customer growth author, speaker, consultant, and business relationship specialist. I help key account leaders become the advisers their customers never want to leave.

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Feb 15, 2020

In this episode, which is number 12, I raise the issue of obtaining Customer Mastery.

Rarely do we hear these two words, "customer" and "mastery", together as a statement. Mostly we hear about excellence. Yet excellence is about the pursuit of something that you endeavour to achieve and grow towards when you apply specific kinds of skills, tools and strategies.

Mastery is actually far more comprehensive!

My podcast will get you to question achieving mastery by thinking about the engagement with your customers, as well as raising the standards across your entire business to deliver above-average results to your customers consistently.

When we aim to achieve mastery, it’s not just about something that is effective - it must be highly professional and very specific to deliver the expected results from a particular activity consistently, and most importantly with impact.

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